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Can you say, "remission"! - a Kayla update

I've been absent from my blog for awhile.  I guess the best explanation is to say that I have been tending to matters of the heart - me, my family and my beloved dog, Kayla. The good news is, everyone is doing well, especially the dog.  Kayla was diagnosed with Lymphoma a couple of months ago as I explained in this post.  Between modern medicine and alternative medicine, I am happy to say Kayla is officially in remission!  She has responded to all the treatment protocols, conventional and holistic and is enjoying a "normal" dog life.  She still has a few more chemo treatments left to go.  I'm not able to be with her during her chemo treatments, but I am with her during her acupuncture.  This is what holistically fighting canine cancer looks like:

Acupuncture often gets a bad rap, but as someone who partakes in acupuncture myself, I know first-hand the healing benefits it offers.  Kayla loves her acupuncture appointments.  She often drifts off to sleep for the 30 minute session.  She knows a good thing when she sees it!

In addition to acupuncture and chemo, she takes a plethora of meds and supplements - 19 pills a day to be exact.  She's such a trooper.


So, we are enjoying having a "healthy" dog again and are grateful for each day we have with her.  It's been such an emotional roller coaster ride, but I have learned so much.  We don't know how long this good fortune will last, but I have come to appreciate living in the moment.  My heart is full and I feel so blessed.

And because this is a stamping blog, I do have a card to show you.  It uses some non-Stampin' Up! items and retired items as well.  This dog stamp from Inky Antics looks so much like Kayla, I had to get it.  This is a card for Kayla's acupuncturist - she loved it and has it proudly displayed in her clinic.  Kayla even put a real paw print on the inside with ink!

Kayla thank you

Thank you for letting me share my update with you.  I have received such wonderful emails from some of you and I can't begin to tell you how much your support means.  Thank you!

Tomorrow I get to introduce you to a new member of my Ink Happens team!  C'mon back tomorrow to learn more about her!

Enjoy this day!

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