I've been busy...
Mojo Monday on a Thursday

Rollercoaster of emotions

This has been one of those weeks of extreme emotions.  The beginning of the week had me saying good bye to one of my friends after an awesome 5 day visit.  By Tuesday, my daughter and I were ramping up for Prom and getting all the last minute essentials in place.  Simultaneously, we were getting excited about my son coming home from college for a few days before he heads to China for 2 months.  The week ended yesterday with the news that my best friend had to put her dog to sleep.  By the time I finally went to bed last night, I was completely exhausted.

For some people, hearing about the loss of a pet isn't a big deal.  I'm not one of those people, but I have come to learn that a lot of people simply don't share the emotional attachment to animals like I do.  I recognize that there are some people who consider me "over-the-top" when it comes to what I will do for my dog.  I don't care.  I love her.  She is an integral part of my life.  (Don't even get me started about the whole Michael Vic story - I had a much better plan for him than a few months in jail.  But, I digress.)  So, when my friend told me of her dog's illness a few weeks ago, I couldn't help but feel her pain.  We talked every day and I received updates of hope and then setbacks.  She's 1300 miles away from me and I wanted more than anything just to be by her side.  Yesterday was the hardest day of her life when she had to say good bye to her constant companion, and oddly enough, I cried as if I had lost my own pet.  

I never know what to say to someone who is in the midst of grief.  My intentions are good, but I always fumble for words.  But then I realize there really isn't a lot people can say to make things better.  It's just something that people have to go through - it's a process - and a long one at that.  The hardest part about grieving is that we have to face the hard reality that the world doesn't stop to grieve with us.  It's almost cruel to know that the rest of the world keeps going even when we beg for things to stop - even for a moment.  I made a card for my friend today.  I have no idea what I'm going to say in it, but I know it will mean a lot to her just knowing that someone is acknowledging her grief.


I certainly didn't intend this post to be this long and I realize this is a stretch for a stamping blog, but at the moment it's a close to a diary that I have.  It's cathartic and I needed an outlet.

So as not to end on a down note, I wanted to share some of the joy in my life too...

Today is my daughter's Senior Prom.  She looked so beautiful and so happy.  I can't believe she is graduating in 4 weeks! 




Thank you for spending some of your time with me today. 

Mary Ann


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At the funeral of a friend, the minister said that sometime,the best thing that we can do for a grieving friend, is to cry with them. That has helped me so many times, because I am just not good with words when someone is hurting.
You sound like a wonderful friend, so just go ahead an cry with your friend.


I so admire your ability with written words. You are great at giving your readers a 'view from the inside'. I love stopping by your blog to see what you have to say. Sorry for your friend and her pet - she will enjoy the card. Rachael looks beautiful!

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