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Another pocket fold

Two_pocket I'm in the process of preparing for next month's Stamp Camp and was playing with a couple of different card folds.  I pulled this one out of the archives and updated it a bit with some current designer series paper.  This is a double pocket fold, but different than the one I did in December (seen here - scroll down to Dec 17th).  Today's card actually opens like a traditional card whereas the previous pocket card had both pockets on the front and did not open.  I don't have anything in the front pocket in the sample only because I enjoy the contrast of the designer paper.  As you will see in the next photo, I did put an insert in the pocket inside.

Two_pocket_inside_2 I have two jumbo brads positioned approximately 1" from the bottom for ribbon to tie it shut.  These really aren't necessary because the card stays shut on it's own, but I added it, well...just because I could.

I have been meaning to jump on the You Tube bandwagon and get videos onto my blog like so many others have done, but I just haven't taken the time to master my new video camera yet.  My hope is to have a video sooner rather than later.  It will make tutorials SO much easier to show than by picture.  But, until then, pictures will have to do.  Below are instructions on how to re-create this double pocket card:

Two_pocket_1st_step Cut your paper to 9 x 12.  Fold the bottom edge up to the top (then unfold) and then fold  in half left to right (then unfold).

Two_pocket_2nd_step As shown in the diagram, fold the bottom right edge to the center fold line and do the same for the top left edge.  Use adhesive to secure these corners down.


Fold bottom edge to the top edge (no adhesive).  To complete the card, fold the left side to the right.

Two_pocket_final_step Here is what the card looks like from the side.  Embellish as desired.

Have fun with this.  Let me know how yours turns out!

~Mary Ann



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This is so fun and easy and soooo cute! Thanks for pulling the pattern out and shating it.

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